BioThings APIs

We build a collection of high-performance biological APIs

BioThings SDK

A Software Developement Kit to turn a data file to an API

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Build interoperability across APIs

What's new

BioReel--Fishing for Updated Data of Interest

The third and final aim of the BioThings Renewal Grant which has been approved for funding is...

BioThings- Other Biothings in the works

By now, you've probably seen the announcement that our renewal grant application has been...

MyVariant- Lesson's learned and what's in store

In case you missed it, a sneak peek at what's in store for was posted last week, so...

Sneak peek--what's in store for

As of the most recent data update on April 24th to build version 20180422, the db...

BioGPS and BioThings renewal grant awarded

A good news about our recently awarded (to both the Wu Lab and the Su Lab) renewal R01 grant on...

New default behavior for 'species' parameter API supports both "/gene" and "/query" endpoints. On its /query endpoint, an...

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Our Team

Cyrus Afrasiabi

Cyrus Afrasiabi

Research Programmer

Sebastien Lelong

Sebastien Lelong

Research Programmer

Jiwen (Kevin) Xin

Jiwen (Kevin) Xin *

Ph.D. Candidate

Ginger Tsueng

Ginger Tsueng *

Staff Scientist

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor

Contracting Developer

Byung Ryul Jeon

Byung Ryul Jeon

Visiting Scientist

Marco Alvarado

Marco Alvarado

Research Programmer

Join us

If you are passionate about Bioinformatics, Data Science, Semantic Web, Machine-learning and Genomics, you are welcome to contact us (cwu -at- scripps -dot- edu) and we will find a suitable position (Scientist, Developer, PostDoc or Graduate Research Assistant) in our team.