MyGene python client updated

by Ginger Tsueng

The MyGene python client package has been updated to version 3.1.0. In light of the recent release of the [BioThings API python client], the MyGene python client is now a thin wrapper of underlying biothings_client package, a universal Python client for all BioThings APIs, including The installation of mygene will install biothings_client automatically.

This means that the MyGene python client will continue to behave as it has in the past; however, it will now be easier to access other BioThing APIs once any BioThing API client is installed.

For example, if you install the MyGene python client package (version 3.1.0 or greater only) you will also have access to the BioThings API python client and all the BioThings APIs covered by the client including, variants, drugs, diseases, taxa and more.

Learn more about this updated client and get the python package at at PyPI or read the docs.