The Team - Marco A. Cano

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Research Programmer
Department of Integrative, Structural and Computational Biology
The Scripps Research Institute
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Web Developer from always sunny San Marcos, in North County. Live there with my hubby and our two pets Rory and TV. Rory is a rescue cat that is super sweet but really shy (treats are key here). TV is a Boston Terrier and he is the complete opposite, he will be right up on your grill 24/7. I have a background in web and graphic design. I really enjoy making things look and work great. Love front-end and UI/UX design. Joined the team this year in January (2018, or… back in 2018 if you’re reading this in the future on your futuristic device or implanted device).

Personal Interests: Art(I draw and paint too), Beach, Rainy Days, Drag Race (Yass), Video Games (Destiny, Zelda, Resident Evil, Pokemon), Dang Memes (Send me some) & All The Food.

Currently working on the SmartAPI project.


3D Animation and Multimedia Design -Palomar College

Full Stack Web Development – UCSD Ext.